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Network Ethernet

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Business Ethernet Services

If you've got a serious business, there are just no two ways around it, you need to have rock-solid reliable access to the Internet. Progressively more business is being done on the internet currently, and you simply need a reliable web presence and connection to the Internet for you to increase your presence and responsiveness there. Do not forget, you just have one opportunity to make a first impression, and if that first impression to your potential clients is that you are cheaping out with a bottom-of-the-basement net connection, their conventional reaction will be to wonder where else within your products or services you are also cheaping out. Fair? Perhaps not, but real nonetheless.

Let's face it, DSL and cable just are unable to cut the mustard these days for a business who is serious about being in business. DSL and cable are SHARED internet connections where you are sharing your circuit segment with 50 to 100 or maybe more other businesses and homes near you. Indeed, even though they title it "business class", which as far as I have been capable to determine, means absolutely nothing other than they charge you even more for that haphazard connection where they provide no guarantees to uphold or fulfill to you, except collect your money month after month.

Your best option is a T1 line which is guaranteed, dedicated, and also the carrier has a contractual commitment and duty to provide you the bandwidth and speed which you pay money for, 24x7. But if your organization require greater than what a T1 can provide, as opposed to selecting a bonded T1 line (that is certainly more often than not a choice for an upgrade path), you should look at Business Ethernet if it's available in your location, because it's a much more cost effective option, not to mention featuring the same SLA (Service Level Agreement) that your T1 or bonded T1 circuit would have, with the only difference being that you're paying far less for it than you would for the very same bandwidth on a bonded T1 line or fractional DS3 circuit.

Ethernet Over Copper

As the name implies, this type of Ethernet is provided over copper lines instead of fiber optic lines. That is not a problem however -- keep in mind that electrons move at precisely the same speed over copper as they do over fiber, so fiber for a given bandwidth will not be faster. Ethernet Over Copper, or EOC, occasionally also referred to as Ethernet Over DS1 is very cost effective, especially when compared with identical bandwidth on a bonded T1 line. Your distance from the carrier's facilities determine how much bandwidth is available to you. Quite often, if it is available at all, you could get 6 MB Ethernet up to about 10 MB Ethernet, and in some major cities you can find up to 20 MB and occasionally more.

Fast Ethernet

Fast Ethernet is virtually always provided over fiber optic cables. The available bandwidth generally begins at 10 MB Ethernet and goes up to 100 MB Ethernet. This selection is principally best for businesses that have outgrown the abilities of a bonded T1 line, since this is a lot more cost effective than a DS3 circuit, and may be increased to be more than twice the bandwidth of a DS3 line.

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE or GB Ethernet)

As the name suggests, this kind of Ethernet circuit goes up to 1 GB or 1000 MB. But keep in mind that even if you would like to increase your present 100 MB Ethernet up to say 150 MB Ethernet, since you have gone over 100 MB, your PORT price will go up since you will now be in need of a gigabit PORT, even when all you need is 250 MB. This sort of connection is for businesses that require more substantial bandwidth, and this can be expanded as far as 10 GB Ethernet or the top end of where Ethernet is currently.

Metro Ethernet or MetroE (Metro-E)

Determined by your location, Metro Ethernet Service might or might not be currently available in your location, as this is commonly only available in major metro areas. However, metro ethernet service is developing all the time, so a metro ethernet service may be available before long or in the very near future. This really is not a different kind of Ethernet, but simply a term applied for Ethernet in a metro area.

MPLS Ethernet and Voice Lines on Ethernet

You bet, an Ethernet circuit can be provisioned and configured so that it is just MPLS to become connected into your private MPLS network. There are numerous customers presently that are using Ethernet MPLS quite cost effectively. And with the enhanced port method, a lot of service providers will be able to optionally enable an Ethernet circuit to have MPLS on some of it and Internet access on a different part of it, as well as perhaps also, optionally, include some voice lines with it, which simplifies your telecom needs where your Internet access, your MPLS network, and your voice lines all exist on one circuit. An MPLS Ethernet can be almost as flexible as you need it to be.

The Reasons Why You Should Use Us As Your Agent For Your Ethernet Circuits

We've been named "Agency of the Year" over the past three consecutive years by the National Telecom Association, which is actually a very prestigious honor. We are agents for more than 35 first tier and top tier carriers, and based on the level of business we provide for them each and every month, they allow us to ensure that the prices we offer from them will be the lowest price they'll allow for a given circuit, location and term, which is secured by our Low Price Guarantee. You just can't lose!

Additionally, what this means to you is that we don't ride off into the sunset when the ink is dry on your contract. If you are ever having a problem with your circuit that the provider is not dealing with, get us engaged. We have a direct line into upper management and vice presidents at each of our service providers, and are happy to make things happen on your behalf if that is what is required.

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